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We offer stock trade tips on all the asset class such as equity , commodities and forex. We give normally 3 to 6 calls per day with entry, exit and stoploss this includes as mentioned from all the asset class such as from equity cash script, call-put options, index stock such as bank nifty and nifty  while on commodity front we give call on copper, crude oil, silver and gold and forex all the four pairs and dollar index. 

We give quality calls and if it does not reach our entry point you have to wait patiently. Once entry is taken strictly as per suggestion you will also put stop loss and if stop loss hits no problem this is part of our trade and trades offered are based on technical analysis and high probability chances tilting in our favour. 

wherever we find quality calls to offer from any of the above asset class,we try to see that on intraday basis you achieve 1.5 times to 2 times profit viz  a viz risk you have taken  while on swing may be from 3 times and above. 

Our company must be the cheapest in this trade who offers everything under one scheme not like other company who divides paid service to limited product and if you try to calculate that methodology than probably you will lend up paying paid service fees 10 time higher than what we are offering. We offer these call via sms and e-mail. We are giving you everything under one paid services, reason being we cannot have quality trade set ups from one particular asset class everyday hence to have quality trade we need to work on various other asset class and hence probability of more quality trade and trade going in our favour will be high. Still please be understand that any action you choose to take in the markets is totally your responsibility. We will not be liable for any, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages or loss arising out of the use of the recommendation we are making. Company has arrived to a conclusion of stock tips based on technical analysis and we held no responsible for the same. At the same time our call success ratio is around 70 to 75%.







Gold Equity USDINR
Silver Nifty GBPINR
Copper Bank Nifty EURINR
Crude Oil Call / Put Option JYPINR


We provide above  listed services but if you have selected scrip or if you are stuck in security or any other index and wants guidance you need to send us an e-mail and we shall get back to you on your queries with our suggestion. Please note that this is not part of paid services but if you are stuck then we will surely help you without charge.

Duration Prices (Rs.) Payment
1 Month  8,000/- Pay Now
3 Months 19,000/- Pay Now
6 Month 31,000/- Pay Now
12 Month 45,000/- Pay Now









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