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 About Us:

A successful technical stock trader, a group of people with wide experience in stock market got together to start a formal and proper hand- holding technical analysis training/education in stock market. Technical analysis  education is useful for various asset class such as Stock market, forex market, commodity market, bonds, Treasure notes etc. These are very large market and apart from investor, trader, broker large institution like banks, FII, DII and many other institutes take part in this market. If you have not taken proper training about what is the trend and where market is likely to head then you would surely loose money and this will be called as part of gambling which really is the scene of Indian market today. Since not even 0.1% retail stock trader are trained formally most of the retail trader loose big money. Large institutes like bank who’s 40 to 50 % revenue comes from trading in the above market so imagine what kind of money is there. 

There are ample of opportunities to make money as all the market are very big and only few smart traders make money. Right kind of education and changing old habit to newer educated one will change the entire life financially. Apart from money thro your successful trading it also gives you high of being right most of the time and that gives you enormous confidence on self. One always need a Mentor or Guru to give an education in person like in school and colleges and in olden age like  Gurukul in person. Such thing you cannot learn thro far distant electronic learning but once basic personalized training is imparted in person than it is easy to grasp far distant electronic learning also. Further being finance market one of the largest market in the world at every stage there is need of technical analyst. Today demand for technical analyst in various company, institutes etc. are very high and offered good position and salary in India as well as abroad. Our company offers very personalize one to one training


We offer: 

Technical learning is not required any back ground, no age limit, the moment you realize the importance of this market at any stage of life you can start learning. We have three level detailed courses. we offer you complete hand holding training and practice during the course and live trading and after that surely  you will be ready to take trade decision on your own. Main language of training will be in English but if need be it will be translated in Hindi as well as in Gujarati.


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